Keeping it Fresh


Players get ready to enjoy the latest season in Splatoon 3

Kicking off on March 1, Splatoon 3’s new version 3.0.0. update comes with lots of content, both new and old, where all players can find something to look forward to.

If players purchase the DLC, there will be two waves. The first wave will bring back Inkopolis with new shopkeepers. Players can travel between Splatsville and Inkopolis via the train station in the square and each vendor will stock more products with the new season. Now offering nine different options daily- these items  will consist of both returning classics and newbies. On top of the new shopkeepers, a new catalog will be added for the first wave of Fresh Season with new gear, titles, splashtags, decorations, stickers, and emotes. Within the season, a new gear brand Z+F launches with 126 new items added for shop lineups. Two old Splatoon stages return to turf and ranked modes- Um’ami Ruins and Manta Maria. One old and one new special weapon also made their debut; the Kraken Royale and Super Chump. The Kraken transforms into a huge squid or octopus and charges players while being invulnerable to their attacks, but transforming before and after will leave you vulnerable. The Super Chump scatters a bunch of decoy balloons that look like super jump marks -while the decoys can be destroyed- they will explode after a certain amount of time and ink the turf around them dealing damage. Overall, twelve new sets of old existing main weapons paired with different sub and special weapons are now included in the weapon shops. 

A new king salmonid called Horrorboros made its way into Salmon Run during the second Big Run of Splatoon 3. After the event, the scores broadcasted and it seems this Big Run was even more competitive than the last, with the amount of highscore eggs increasing. Horrorboros wasn’t the only new addition as a new limited time event called Eggstra Work has been added. In Eggstra Work, players can assemble a group of two to four friends, or members from the same pool, and then compete against other teams, all using the same job scenario, to collect as many golden eggs as possible during five waves. Both the initial hazard level and the job scenario for Eggstra Work are fixed, which means that every team will face off the same salmonids under the same conditions every time. However, if your team manages to exceed the golden eggs quota by enough, your hazard level will go up, making it possible to get a higher score.

Along with the big updates, there have been small updates as well. Excitingly, Table Turf is now available to play online with friends coming with the release of 23 new cards. A new feature called pool has been added where players can join lobbies with other players without being friends by using a keyword. Now in the lobby, there’s a jukebox that costs 100 cash to play, and if the player is in a private lobby, the players in them can hear what you choose. Now during splatfests, 10x battle and 100x battle will have announcements in the lobby by Deepcut and notifications to friends pools. There’s also been slight changes with stages with obstacles being placed affecting players who shoot from far away. Additionally, a single player campaign called Side Order comes within the second wave of the DLC which is scheduled to release before December 31. In the trailer, it seems like Agent 8 and Off The Hook return in an alternate outcome of Chaos vs. Order.

With all these new updates, players are amped with how much new content there is and are impressed with how Splatoon 3 is updating the game.