All Around Aguilar

The multitasking favorite

At Rogers High School, many classes are offered to help students express themselves, but not many allow them to speak their minds like newspaper. These students cultivate their creativity under advisor Bailey Aguilar.  

Aguilar has advised Newspaper for four years at RHS. After one year as an English teacher, she took up the extra subject.

She previously studied journalism at the University of Arkansas, said Aguilar,  Leslie Jurgensmeyer was the Newspaper teacher before she decided to step back and specifically asked Aguilar to take over due to her background in journalism.

A love for writing helps with being an English teacher and Newspaper adviser because there is constant adjusting to grammar and English rules in both classes. Though, in the newspaper, it’s less about teaching students English, and more about helping them use what they already know to compile stories. 

“It’s different from English because you’re with these students for multiple years,” Aguilar said, “and the students take more of a lead in the class.”

There is only one class of newspaper throughout the RHS school day, during which the students take a hands-on approach with Aguilar supervising. With the student-led atmosphere, it can allow for the teacher to step back and relax. 

“After teaching English for most of the day it’s a breath of fresh air,” Aguilar said.