Arbuckle has been a substitute teacher in the Rogers district for 10 years, often serving in a long-term position.

A classic staple at any Rogers district school, Jennifer Arbuckle leaves a lasting impression upon any class she substitutes for. Her uplifting energy and dedication to help kids learn leaves the students wishing she was their permanent teacher.

As a substitute, Arbuckle meets new students almost every day. However, this school year, she is a permanent stand-in for Spanish teacher Jeff Hagers. This means she gets to build a connection with the same group of students all year.

“I like being with different students everyday when I do regular subbing, but when I am a long-term sub, I enjoy getting to know the kids I work with,” Arbuckle said.

Arbuckle has a record of substituting for long-term positions more than short-term. She has become a person to rely upon for the Rogers Public Schools District, and this shows with her continued appearance at these schools.

“People like me to be a long term substitute because I have taught before. In this case, with Mr. Hagers, he and I actually used to teach [together] about 20 years back,” Arbuckle said.

Along with her sense of expertise from her past experiences, Arbuckle carries an infectious positive attitude that reflects back upon her students. 

“Her personality definitely leaves a mark in every student. She is always so bright and happy and can make a student’s day,” Kaylee Serrano, 12, said. 

Arbuckle is aware of her impact on students, and how she can have an impact on the ones she meets. Despite regularly changing classes, her dedication to the new classes she enters exemplifies itself when she communicates with her students. 

“[Students] remember me because I always respected them. I always try to respect students and I never call them ‘kids,’” Arbuckle said. “Once you enter high school, you are moving into the path of being an adult. That is why I love high school so much. I treat [students] like they are young adults.”

Her ideology of respect and compassion towards students is a core value of Arbuckle. Whether it be in a Spanish, English, or math class, she tries to be as involved in the classroom as she can. 

“I think students respond to how you treat them. I am generally running around all the time helping students with things because nobody likes a substitute who just sits down and does nothing,” Arbuckle said. “I try to do as much as I can. Whatever I can do, I’ll do it.”