The story of the mobile and computer game taking the world by storm


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

With over two years of almost no activity, a big bang in popularity had begun for Among Us. Upon release, the game had 17 players as a 24 hour peak on steam, not even enough to play two full matches at once. At its peak, it reached 438,524 players at once, just on computer.

“I started playing in August because the tuba section wanted to play and they needed one more person so they invited me,” said Lauren Trimmer, 11.

For all those that don’t know the origin of this murder mystery game, it is based on the party game Mafia, not to be confused with the video game series. The crewmates have to complete tasks or vote out the imposters before the imposters kill enough crewmates to win.

It’s a game where trust can save someone or get them killed, so most people are suspicious of everyone else, hence the creation of the word sus.

“[I prefer to play] imposter, ‘cause you just mess around with people then you murder them. And lying, lying is the biggest part of the game, it’s good practice,” said Busch.

Once 2020 came around, the amount of players in Among Us spiked and hundreds of streamers and youtubers began playing and streaming the game. It quickly became one of the most popular games to stream, watch or play just overnight. 

“I think [I started playing] around September mainly because a bunch of big [YouTubers] were playing it. A bunch of Minecraft players, Pewdiepie, corpse, and Cr1t1kal too,” said Theodore Busch, 11.