An overview of the Mountie football season


The Mounties win 49-28 against Rogers Heritage.

After a 14-48 loss to Cabot, the Mountie football season has come to an end. With an overall score of 6-3, this has easily become one of the best football seasons the school has seen in years.

The team made many adjustments in the off-season. They brought in new coaches and players in hopes to have a good season. Chris Francisco, 12, took over as quarterback, and Mike Lloyd remained the head coach.

Although the new players and coaches have contributed to the season, the team credits most of their success to their brotherhood. Most of the players have grown up together and played Kiwanis Football together. 

“We’re a close knit family of players, and we all grew up together which really helped us out,” said Carter Cox, 12. 

Before and during the games, the boys encourage each other in the locker room to keep their spirits up. 

“We rallied off each other and said things like ‘Hey, you’re ok’ and ‘You’re doing a good job,’” said Joel Garner, 11. 

In past years, the Mountie football team was lucky to win three games, but with high spirits and determination, they were able to have a good season. Their overall score was 6-3 according to MaxPreps. 

“Our will to win was higher than ever this year,” said Cox. 

Although the football season was cut short in the playoffs, the team has given their all this year. 

“I think I’ve done pretty well, better than my other seasons,” said Cox.