Stress raises as grades lower and vice versa


Missing assignments are just a couple of the many side effects of this year’s reign of terror!

This year has proven to be challenging in and of itself, school is just the icing on the cake. Students’ grades are plummeting, stress levels are increasing, and missing assignments have taken claim as this school year’s theme. 

The school has taken an optional approach to helping students with their grades. Every Friday, teachers have the option, if they believe it will best help students, to refrain from assigning new material, but instead to do a review of what they have taught during the week, or allow students to have a “make-up” day. It is meant to be an opportunity for students to catch up or further study the lessons. 

“Most of my teachers give new assignments every day, so if I’m behind one day, I’m behind the rest of the week. Making the Friday rule mandatory school wide would be really helpful,” said Taylor Robinson, 10.

Lots of students have been trying to get caught up on their school work or are grappling for the motivation to do it in general.

Months of social isolation has caused many students to become stressed, feel disconnected from school, and struggle with motivation.  These things have caused a lot of students to see a drop in their school performance,” said Tracy Mitchell, school counselor.  “Also, some students find blended learning to be more difficult than traditional classroom learning.”

For some teachers, it is hard to grade accurately when students don’t turn in assignments, and the few assignments that are submitted aren’t representing the students’ maximum potential.

Coming back after having so much time off, students are doing the bare minimum to get by. My really smart students are making C’s and D’s. Most everybody feels like they’re behind on something,” said Amy Raybourn, school counselor.

With grade decrease and everything else this year has brought, anxiety in teens has abundantly escalated. Students have been more prone to panic attacks and missing school, thus getting further behind.

Stress levels have definitely increased.  Students are reporting more social issues & isolation than ever before due to the pandemic.  On a positive note, more students are seeking help from us this year,” Mitchell said.

When anxious, mental health authorities suggest it is always best to address the issue, rather than ignore it. One is more likely to fail at something when not in sound mind. Taking time to get help is important and can help in the long run.

​”Taking a day to rest and reset is sometimes helpful, but in general students need to seek help for mental health issues rather than avoid coming to school.  Some mental health conditions, like physical ones, can worsen if untreated,” Mitchell said.