Mounties debate between nostalgia and new releases


The Grinch is one of many characters that has seen multiple adaptations over the years.

During these hard days as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the world, people are depending on movies to bring them joy for this Christmas season. Some people prefer old Christmas movies like How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) Home Alone (1990) and the Polar Express (2004), while others prefer newer Christmas movies like the new animated version of The Grinch (2018) and Noelle (2019).

Some students prefer the nostalgia of watching older Christmas favorites. 

‘’I would rather watch the old Christmas movies because it brings back childhood memories,” said Stephany Crisostomo, 10.

Because of this nostalgia factor, the Jim Carrey version of The Grinch is still a classic for many Mounties. 

“I prefer the old version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” said Brooke Lora, 10.

Beyond the nostalgia, some students just like to compare the old way of filmmaking to the new. 

“I would rather watch old Christmas movies because I like to see how movies were back then and how movies are now,” said Celeste Rivera, 10.