The Mountie band modernizes with new front ensemble sound system


The synthesizer will be constructed at a later date and will be ready for its inaugural use in the 2021 marching band season.

Despite the fact that the Rogers High School Marching Band has been rated as Superior during band assessment and competition for years, it has fallen behind in other areas in an ever modernizing marching band era. In order to bridge this gap, recently a large shipment of band equipment arrived at RHS, with the most exciting piece being a new front ensemble sound system. 

Patrice Brown, director of bands at RHS, and Robert Kain, assistant director of bands at RHS, posted on Instagram to break the exciting news. 

“We are excited about the new front ensemble sound system,” said Brown. 

The new sound system also includes microphones for the front ensemble, “allowing us to amplify our front ensemble mallet instruments so our student musicians can play more musically, especially in softer, lyrical sections of our marching show,” said Brown.

With any new set of equipment, it seems evident that band members would need to audition to use the equipment, especially the synthesizers. However, both Brown and Kain said they disagree with the idea. 

“There won’t be auditions per se,” said Kain. “The only auditions will be for instrumentalists who are trying out for solos and then that soloist may be responsible for another aspect.” 

Denis Carranza, a junior flute player of the RHS band, said he does not agree with Kain’s response.

“Anyone should be able to audition to be the sound technician,” he said. 

This exciting news comes at a time when many other local bands, such as the Bentonville Pride, Pride of Heritage, Bentonville West, Fayetteville Bulldogs, and Siloam Springs Panthers have received their sound systems within the past decade.

In addition to the new sound system, the band has received 60 new music stands and three new stand racks.

Kain said that “it is very possible that more equipment will accompany this initial purchase sometime in the future. We may add electrical instruments, electronic keyboards, and even computer samples down the line.”