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Perron, Editor

Poetry, green, and learning are just some of the loves of Oliver Perron, a writer for the Mountie Spectrum. Rupi Kaur’s “The Sun and Her Flowers” and “Milk and Honey” as well as Adam Silvera’s “They Both Die At the End” rank amongst Perron’s favorite books for their ability to put things into perspective, and reflect emotions. Writing has been a part of Perron’s life since they were nine, and in that time, their talent and love for it has grown. 

“I’ve always been interested in writing… and this class [newspaper] allowed me to explore my own creativity unlike other electives,” Perron said.

If they aren’t writing, or thinking about the next deadline, they can be found playing video games (Perron likes choice-based games and Detroit: Become Human and Sims 3 are their first choice) listening to music (hard rock and metal or sad songs) and thinking about the future. Perron’s current plan sees them going to college to get a doctorate in psychiatry, but the details aren’t set in stone. The future, Perron said, overwhelms them. To combat the stress, Perron turns to their biggest inspiration- the people around them.

“What motivates me is others, not only their expectations but also seeing how our society works and how everyone plays an important role,” Perron said. “It makes me feel the need to be better and achieve what I want.”

It’s no surprise then that Perron is always ready to learn more, whether it be in a classroom or on their own time. Learning is one of the greatest experiences in life, Perron said.

This love of knowledge also translates into hobbies, with Perron picking up new interests and dedicating time to understanding them. During quarantine, Perron began to experiment with videography and made movies, something they hope they have time for in the near future.

“I would definitely like to get back to it,” Perron says.

Perron’s varied interests and dedication to understanding people makes them someone that people look forward to being around. Others can always rely on them for help, encouragement, or a new idea.

“Oliver never fails to get along with those around them,” said Damian Ruiz, Mountie Spectrum co-editor. ”Whenever we have friends from other classes visit us during Mountie Time, Oliver is fun and easy to get along with.” 

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