Rihanna’s Super Bowl interpreter: Justina Miles


Justina Miles performing the Black National Anthem|photo CNBC

Interpreter goes viral with historic performance 

The 2023 Super Bowl made the media go wild– but not only due to Rihanna’s halftime performance and pregnancy announcement. What caught most people’s attention was her interpreter, Justina Miles, known for being the first Deaf woman to perform at the Super Bowl. 

The audience loved how she put energy into her singing during Rihanna’s performance which made her viral on the media. 

“I loved how she put a lot of energy in her sign language, I hardly see any interpreters with that much energy,” said Erica Aguirre, 10. 

Justina Miles did so well that people wouldn’t believe she received Rihanna’s setlist only five days before the show. Even though she had a time constraint, she was still confident she could pull it off. 

“I was confident. I looked over the lyrics, made sure I got all the meanings right. I memorized the lyrics and the beat, so that way I can sign the lyrics and move to the beat so [viewers] can see the beat rather than hear the beat,” Miles said to Billboard.  

Miles also had the opportunity to perform the Black National Anthem, making her the first Deaf Black woman to perform a pre-game and halftime show. 

“Not only is it an overwhelming inspiration to be the first woman to perform at the pregame and halftime show, but to be Black and Deaf as well,” Miles said.