Christian Francisco is someone who people look up to and who is always giving it his all


“I continue to challenge myself. I’m encouraged to keep pushing [myself] and see all the good things I can do,” said Christian Francisco, 12.

Despite being involved in multiple AP classes, football, basketball, Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Mu Alpha Theta, and many more activities, Christian Francisco, 12, manages to do it all. 

Although Francisco rises to the challenge, being involved in so many school activities comes with a lot of pressure.

“Sometimes when trying to meet a deadline or having things going on, it gets difficult but when you experience it more and more, then it gets easier,” Francisco said.

Francisco accomplishes 99% of his goals, yet on occasion is unsuccessful, he said. He looks at each of his failed attempts as an opportunity to adjust what went wrong and then fix it, Francisco said. 

Due to his commitment to these organizations, Francisco has learned multiple life skills, such as time management and prioritization of his goals and objectives. During sophomore year, his most difficult year, Francisco learned what it means to be a hard worker and a good student.

Academic achievements did not come without effort for Francisco. 

He really had to study and spent many nights staying up late in order to really learn the material, Francisco said. 

“[Christian] is an excellent student. He is focused, he’s on time, and he’s helpful. He gets things done before time and he is just an excellent student,” said Catherine Suski, AP Calculus teacher. 

In addition to being a leader in the spotlight across various roles, Francisco also works hard behind the scenes in many of his activities.

“On the football field, he’s the first one there and last one to leave. Though cliche, that’s who he is, the hardest worker,” said Karson Uecker, 12. 

Francisco took it to the next level when he realized so much more could be accomplished. 

“Keep challenging yourself and don’t take the easy route,” Francisco said. “You will fail a few times, but that’s okay because you learn so much more from your failures than if you just make it easy on yourself. Just keep challenging yourself, keep pushing yourself and just do the hard things.”