Mountie Spectrum

Damian Ruiz, Editor

A inside look on one of the editors of the newspaper

INFP, or mediators, are among the rarest personalities. With only around 1% of the population possessing it, mediators are poetic, kind, and eager to help a good cause. This is the personality type of Damian Ruiz.

Ruiz is the editor of the Mountie Spectrum who loves to read, go to the movies, watch media, play tetherball, and play badminton.

“One of my favorite movies is Wall-e. I like how lonely it is at first, then Wall-e finds a person and saves the world.”

Ruiz was born in Rogers, and lived here until second grade when he moved to California for a few months. In California, Ruiz attended an outdoor elementary school. To get to each class, the students had to walk outside.

“I thought the school was strange, I had never heard of a uniform school, let alone an outdoor one, but it was fun.”

On one trip back to California, Ruiz stayed in one of his family members' houses. It was a very isolated house, Ruiz said, surrounded by miles of grape farm. In the grape farm, he would play hide and seek with his family.

Along with his travel to California, Ruiz has also traveled to Mexico and Chicago.

“I went to a village in Mexico to visit family, it was fun because I met my great grandfather, and saw where my grandmother grew up.”

As a freshman, Ruiz was approached by Mrs. Aguilar. He never knew a freshman could even be in Newspaper, but now he has been here for 3 years.

“I enjoy doing things for the newspaper; you often have the option of being very involved in things.”

The editor for the newspaper was approached for a reason: he is a very passionate writer, and he brings others together.

“Damian is always a positive energy. He is kind of a perfectionist and a very deep thinker. He works really well with everyone and he just brings people together,” said Bailey Aguilar, newspaper advisor.

All content by Damian Ruiz