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Tony Nominations 2023: Favorites, disappointments, and elitism

A Retrospective Letter to Anne Rice

Best Books of April

Darkon: Sincerity, bias, and insight

The Best Four Books of March

Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Age, tone, and convenience 

Three Pines: Disappointment in the wake of cancelation 

Wednesday: Camp, cringe, and engagement

Four Best Books of February

Moulin Rouge!: Perspective, relevance, and art

See How They Run: Solving, interaction, and renaissance

“Bone”: Fairytales, maturity, and engagement

Best I Read in January

“Interview With The Vampire”: Evil, remorse, and allegory

Glass Onion: Tropes, morals, and intent

Three Pines: Adaptation, expansion, and personality

Lit. of 2022: The best and worst this year

She Said: Complacency, time, and focus

“In Cold Blood”: Ethics,  non-fiction, and mystery

Hocus Pocus 1+2: New times, nostalgia, and villainy

The Corpse Bride: Centering, difficulty, and power

High As Hope: Catharsis, dreaminess, and revisits 

The Outfit: Ambiguity, time frames, and dialogue 

Footloose: The pursuit of holiness, blind eyes, and rebellion 

Dirty Dancing: Change, power, and summer

“Ophelia”: Revision, dynamics, and closure

Elvis: Music, politics, and villains 

2021-2022 Reviews:

“Anna Karenina”: Morals, names, and tipping points

Cyrano: Music, medium, and retellings

Hello, Dolly!: New eras, casting, and romanticism

“Romeo and Juliet”: Real morals, adaptation, and curriculum 

“Last Night at the Telegraph Club”: Coming of age, aspirational role-models, and nostalgia

West Side Story: Anita, blue, and snapping

Wheel of Time: Adaptation, magic, and characters

Bonus Review: There’s Someone Inside Your House Movie: Stakes, motivations, and changes

Christie: Murder, legacy, and little gray cells

CW Nancy Drew: Supernatural hijinks, puzzles, and a promising third season

Gattaca: Rethinking what ‘dystopian’ means

Only Murders in the Building: A Fresh and Funny Whodunnit 

“There’s Someone Inside Your House”: Full of Horror and Lacking Suspense

“Frankenstein”: Understanding Creation and Accountability 

“Blanca and Roja”: A Magical Folktale About Finding Love and Self

Free Guy: A Fun Ride with Surprising Heart