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The newspaper is composed of many unique characters, E.V. Beyers amongst them. An accomplished sophomore at Rogers High School, she juggles friends, family, education, and writing. Striving to be better for herself and those she influences, she said “I would describe myself as a realist who is always looking forward.” 

As the creator of E.V. Out of Ten, a review series, Beyers has created an interesting legacy in the newspaper. She is also known to tackle hard-hitting topics like abortion and lawsuits surrounding mask mandates.

Some of Beyer’s hobbies and favorite things consist of reading, writing, playing the piano, listening to music, and the color gray. A couple of her favorite music genres include music-folk, indie rock, musical theatre, and electric pop. 

Another interesting fact is that E.V. is a Virgo, a zodiac sign that ranges from August 23-September 22, and Virgos are known for being smart, sophisticated, and kind. These traits all  embody Beyers extremely well.

She is also recognized for her intelligence, quiet nature, and maturity, something that makes her a pleasure to have in and out of class. 

Several teachers and peers support this idea and see E.V. as a silent leader. 

“She’s a very capable writer, but she’s also very knowledgeable and her maturity makes itself known within moments of talking to her,” said Bailey Aguilar, English teacher and newspaper advisor.

E.V. is constantly working hard to achieve her goals and move forward in life. She is always looking to move forward as the fear of mediocrity settles in, something that she says school intensifies. 

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been worried that failure as a student would translate to failure [in reaching] any of my goals/dreams.”

With a bright future ahead, those around her cannot deny that she’s extremely capable and is no doubt going to achieve what she wants.

“E.V. has goals and aspirations and she sets her mind to where she wants to go and sets out to achieve that,” said Tim Pate, biology teacher.

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